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Doodle Therapy Apps for O.T. was founded by an occupational therapist, Kami Bible, with the goal to create iPad apps that instill inspiration and enjoyment in education among children. With our first iPad App, Shelby’s Quest, we turn your iPad into a therapeutic tool, focusing on fine motor and visual perceptual skills.If you’re looking for iPad apps which are beautiful, engaging and functional then Shelby’s Quest is for you. Not only are our apps fun for children, they also have wonderful data tracking features for therapists, teachers and parents.Be sure to sign up for our email list so you can keep up to date on new versions of Shelby’s Quest or other apps we hope to release soon.

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About Us

Kami Bible, OTR/L, MBA

Kami currently works as a school-based occupational therapist. Her love for occupational therapy and passion for technology collided when the first iPad was released.

She started using the iPad as a therapy tool when she realized how motivating it was to her students. Her first intro into “developing” for the iPad involved creating handwriting worksheets of her own.

Besides a passion for technology, she can also be found camping or hiking with her husband, daughter and labradoodle. She also enjoys running, biking, knitting and photography. She loves living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Shelby the Labradoodle

Shelby is the lovable, furry mascot of Doodle Therapy Apps. She is also the Bible Family’s fourth family member, er, pet, er… (Well, it is the Pacific Northwest after all. Pets are pretty much a pre-requisite for living here.)

Shelby loves learning new tricks, running with Kami and snuggling up on the couch with Matt and Reaghan. She is also in training to become a certified therapy dog and has accompanied Kami to school on occasion. The students love her!


Without a wonderful design and development team Shelby’s Quest wouldn’t have been an app at all. We were so impressed with the way Xhatch was able to take our ideas, put them into illustration and turn that into a fabulous app!

David Hoang

David (@davidhoang) has more than five years of experience in User Experience Design + User Interface Design and has worked with world-class clients such as Expedia, Microsoft, Hotels.com, Nike and Nordstrom.

His responsibility is overall design and product strategy for clients’ iOS applications. David likes to travel + spend time with his 23 pound cat, Wilson (AKA MegaKitty).

Adam McAdams

Adam (@raid5) is Xhatch’s architect behind the iOS apps. Along with working directly with client apps, Adam project manages the team. Being a dog lover, Adam’s Alaskan Malamute, Roxy, keeps him entertained year-round!

Jake Moore

Jake (@jcob) is our iOS developer who focuses a lot on applications that require the utilization of device hardware, such as audio, camera and accelerometer.

Prior to iOS, Jake’s experience was primarily focus on Android applications, which he still does at Xhatch when they port iOS apps to native Android. Jake holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Washington State University.

When not writing software, he is usually spending time with his family or reading (about software). He also enjoys playing basketball and watching football.
IMG_0076Kim Berkley

Kim  (@kmberkley) is a freelance illustrator, graphic designer, sign painter and artist based out of the Seattle area who has been making art and illustrating characters since as long as she can remember. As a kid she drew the character from everybook she read, and being able to make a career of drawing pictures has been a dream come true. When she’s not doodling she can be found attending local music shows, going on adventures, taking pictures and drinking coffee.

When not writing software, he is usually spending time with his family or reading (about software). He also enjoys playing basketball and watching football.


Besides the design and development of the app, there is so much behind-the-scenes work that goes into developing and launching an app.

Shannon Albert

Longtime BFF of Kami and all around internet-know-it-all, Shannon (@shannonalbert), founder of WDWPrepSchool.com, practically served as marketing and media consultant. Her infinite knowledge of email marketing lists, internet resources and ability to answer 857 emails every day from Kami is priceless! She also answers questions like, “Can I put mushrooms in a stir fry with green onion and green pepper?”

Shane Howard

Kami turned to her step brother, Shane (@shnhwd), to help with the demo video. Shane works as a TV and Film Editor in NYC. With some basic guidelines from Kami, an audio track and Kami’s homemade video, Shane was able to create a demo video we think Apple itself would even be proud of!

You can contact Shane at shane.a.howard [at] gmail.com if you’re interested in a fabulous video of your own.



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