Shelby’s Quest 1.1


Shelby’s Quest 1.1 has arrived on the App Store and we couldn’t be more excited about the updates. In this update you will find:

  • Additional Game Screens
  • Animated Victory Screens
  • Ability to replay individual Game Screens
  • Voice over narrative and game instructions
  • Ability to disable sound
  • Increased protection to Admin Screens
  • Bug fixes
  • Update your version of Shelby’s Quest today!




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We at Doodle Therapy Apps for O.T. have been so thankful for the support we have received on our first app. Being named “New and Noteworthy” by Apple on the Education Store three weeks in a row and support from other reviews has been very exciting. We appreciate everyone spreading the word about Shelby’s Quest. Beginning tomorrow, as a thank you we will be giving away one Promo Code per day for Shelby’s Quest on our Facebook Page each day until Christmas. Tell your friends and family to like our page and watch for details!

Has everyone updated to iOS 6? I’m very excited about the new Accessibility features. I’m most excited about the new Guided Access feature. This new feature is going to be so helpful during my therapy sessions! I don’t know about your experience, but I have so many students who just want to PUSH. THAT. HOME. BUTTON. Or push any buttons on the screen for that matter.

How about you?

Guided Access is going to solve that problem! So how do you use it? I’m glad you asked.

The first step you need to take is to go to the Settings App on your iPad.

Under General, scroll up until you see Accessibility.

Under the Learning section you will see the Guided Access option.

Tap this button and turn on Guided Access.

You can also set a Passcode at this time so students are not able to triple tap the Home Button and turn these features off. (Recommended.)

Now, open the app you would like to have your student or child play. In this case we are playing Shelby’s Quest! While you are in a game screen, triple tap the Home Button. The Accessibility Options dialogue box will pop up. Choose Guided Access.

Your game screen will shrink down allowing the Guided Access options to show. You can see that the Home Button is automatically off. What you are also able to do here is disable any parts of the screen that you do not want your child to access.

Simply draw a circle around the parts of the screen and the iPad will automatically detect the button that you wish to turn off. Press Start (upper right corner) when you have disabled the buttons you do not want your child to access.


Once this is set up, you are returned to normal game play. However, the button is shaded and disabled.

This area of the screen will remain disabled throughout game play.

All you need to do to return to regular function is triple tap the Home Button again, enter your passcode and tap End (upper left corner), and normal play is resumed.

There are a few other options with Guided Access. You are able to turn off Touch, which disables the screen completely. This would be nice if you are having your child watch a video or listen to a book that is being read to them. You can also turn off Motion.Turning off Motion disables screen rotation.

I hope this helps during your therapy sessions!

Today is the day! Shelby’s Quest has been approved by Apple and has launched on the App Store. This is an exciting day for us at Doodle Therapy Apps. I have been working hard this summer to get Shelby’s Quest going. I am so proud of the design and development team who made Shelby’s Quest a reality. The app has come such a long way from the chicken scratch wire frames I sent them so many months ago.

Without further ado, “Welcome to Shelby’s Quest!”



Shelby’s Quest is the “choose your own adventure game” of fine motor and visual perceptual skills.

Shelby’s Quest is a therapy tool for therapists, teachers and parents. It provides a fun way for children to practice fine motor and visual perceptual skills. Through several adventures in the Pacific Northwest, Shelby the Labradoodle helps her forest friends overcome their challenges.

Key Features

  • designed by an occupational therapist
  • used in therapy for children with special needs such as developmental delay, fine motor delay, visual perceptual deficits, autism/Aspergers Syndrome and Down Syndrome
  • specialized tracking of child or student performance and progress for easy and quick documentation
  • ability to track multiple student profiles
  • reports can be emailed from within the app
  • 3-games-in-one that focus on fine motor and visual perceptual skills which works on pinching, finger isolation, tracking and sorting
  • fun and beautiful illustrations that engage children in exercise
  • easy to use, detailed tutorial

I am very happy with this first release of Shelby’s Quest. Stay tuned for future releases including more levels, additional games and other added features.

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Steve Jobs once said, “Real artists Ship.” And that’s just what we have done.

Last week we completed a last round of beta testing with friends from the email subscriber list. I had a great time “meeting” everyone I had contact with during the beta testing. Then, late Friday evening, we submitted Shelby’s Quest to the Apple App Store for review.

It’s an exciting time for Doodle Therapy Apps! Watch your email for news about the launch date for Shelby’s Quest!

We will also release a sneak peak of the app this week via our Demo Video. It will first debut on our Facebook page. So if you’re not a fan of Doodle Therapy Apps, head on over to the Facebook page to ‘Like’ us. You won’t want to miss out!

Doodle Therapy Apps has received a lot of questions about how we came about and why we decided to build an iPad app. The answer is really pretty simple! As an occupational therapist, I started using my iPad quickly after the release of the first iPad when I realized how motivating it was to my students. I even made a few handwriting worksheets myself.

Despite the many apps available for use in occupational therapy, there wasn’t an app that I felt combined the function I needed as an O.T. with the fun required to engage my students. And so I set out to create my own app which would do so. Thus, Doodle Therapy Apps for O.T. was born! The “Doodle” part of the company name was inspired by our family labradoodle, Shelby, who has accompanied me to school to participate in therapy sessions. “Shelby’s Quest” is the first of hopefully several apps that Doodle Therapy Apps for O.T. will develop.

Development of “Shelby’s Quest” is moving right along. First builds of the app have been released to the development team, improvements and hurdles have been over come, and more functionality is being added daily. It’s an exciting, busy time at Doodle Therapy Apps. While the developers are working on the actual structure of Shelby’s Quest, I have been building awareness and creating an online media presence. Look for information on Shelby’s Quest online in the following locations:

Here is an exclusive sneak peak of one of the characters of Shelby’s Quest, Skip the Salmon, as he makes his way up stream!

Stay tuned for more information! As each build is released with increased functionality we will post sneak peeks.

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Summer is here, and even though I have been “out of school,” we have been working diligently on our first iPad app for Doodle Therapy Apps. After a fun vacation to the Midwest to visit family and friends, (it’s MUCH cooler here in Northwest Washington!), I am gearing up for a long list of things to get done before the app is released.

Doodle Therapy Apps has launched a Facebook page and Twitter account. Please ‘Like’ our Facebook Page here. And follow us here on Twitter. Our goal is to have 200 Likes and Followers by August! By following us online, you will not only get updates on how the app is progressing but also links to informative articles and information about occupational therapy, practice, special ed. and other interests.

We have also decided on a name for our first app! It will be called Shelby’s Quest. Meet Shelby, the Labradoodle; Maurice the Moose; Skip the Salmon and Samantha the Squirrel. Aren’t they darling? I am just in love with these characters.

So, head over to our Facebook and Twitter accounts to hook up with us there. Check out the links and info we have already posted. And, spread the word about Shelby’s Quest. Do you have colleagues, friends or parents who would also enjoy Shelby’s Quest? Please let them know about us!